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Chemical Respirator
Chemical Respirator
Chemical Respirator
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Tekad Jaya is distributor and product agent of safety equipments, welding machines, welding acessories and Industrial Supplier.
Our product such as:
* safety cap, helmets camp, helmet USA, goggles safety, welding mask, mask 3M, full-face respirator, metal detector, convex mirror, inspection mirror, safety belt, full body harness, lanyard absorber, earmuff, earplug, work safety vest, work clothes, life jacket, security equipments, safety net, raincoats, welding, jacket, appron welding, boot safety, safety shoes, welding gloves, glove knitting , rubber gloves, argon gloves, a combination of leather gloves, fire hose, fire fighter gloves, fire extinguisher, webbing sling, ratchet lashing, traffic cone, road barriers, traffic signs, lights ambulance, rotary lamp, and more.

Tekad Jaya also continue to develop its services with complementary products for industrial, manufacturing, oil palm plantations, contractor and mining such as:

Lubricant, WD40, SIKA lube, cutting fluid, grinding stone polishing, scissors stainless plate, grinding cutting, welding cables, transformers welding, stone cut diamonds, inverter welding machines, plasma cutting, generators, diesel engines, drilling-milling machines, drilling machines sit, hand drill machine, hand grinding machine, lawn mower, chain saw engines and others.

* Prices are enclosed in our pages can change at any time without prior notice.
* Discounts can be given the appropriate quantity of retrieval.
* The shop is located on Kedungdoro 92F, Surabaya.

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